2016 Rio Olympics - Sailing Code Replacement Rosters

This site is an automated Photomechanic code replacement generator for 2016 Rio Olympics - Sailing
Please check your extraction files and codes for accuracy.

Select your program: Photomechanic       AutoHotKey       Typinator    Enter Deliminator:
Photomechanic codes have the deliminator entered within the program. However, if you are using Typinator to expand codes in Aperature, Lightroom, Photoshop or your favorite editing program to avoid conflicting codes it is recommended to use a deliminator code to prevent conflicting codes. The backslash character (\) is recommended as a default.

Optional Prefix: Select an Event:

Output style?
Name only (no country) "Will Brown"
Name (CTY) "Will Brown (USA)"
Name of country - Getty "Catherine Skinner of Australia" or "Will Brown of the United States of America"
Name of country (exclude USA)"Catherine Skinner of Australia" or "Will Brown"
Name, of country, "Catherine Skinner, of Australia," or "Will Brown, of the United States of America,"

Use athlete initials or country code to generate codes? Initials (i.e. jw) Country Code (i.e. USA) Combined Country Code and Initals (i.e. USAJW)
Note: If an optional prefix is used, it will be appended to the beginning of the code, i.e. usajw would be susajw with a prefix of "s"

Upper or lower case codes? UPPER lower

Include multiple tab codes? YesNo
(i.e. depending on our output style selected (above), the code "s2048" yields Will Brown of the United States of America; s2048#2 = Will Brown; s2048#3 = Williams; and the code s2048#4 gives you United States of America)

Include useful codes? YesNo

Include bracketed keywords? No Yes [last, first], Yes [first last]
Selecting this option will include codes for bracketed keywords for the various athletes. For example, if the [last, first], option is selected, in addition to the normal code for a player keyword code (i.e. usavwk for [Williams, Venus],) will also be created. Note: there is a comma appeneded to the "[last, first]," option

Review Edit Before Creating File? Yes No
Selecting this option will provide a page where you review and edit the roster for accuracy.