Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) Code Replacement Rosters

This site is an automated Photomechanic code replacement generator for Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) events. Please check your extraction files and codes for accuracy.

Select your program: Photomechanic/PicturePro       AutoHotKey       Typinator    Enter Deliminator:
Photomechanic codes have the deliminator entered within the program. However, if you are using Typinator to expand codes in Aperature, Lightroom, Photoshop or your favorite editing program to avoid conflicting codes it is recommended to use a deliminator code to prevent conflicting codes. The backslash character (\) is recommended as a default.

IMPORTANT NOTE: UFC code replacements have been set to be the first and last initial of the fighter. Dupicate initials will have a number added to it and can be edited on the review page. There is no prefix as in other sports. Thus, the code for Tony Martin is "tm" and the code for Ben Rothwell is "br". Also, all codes generated are of the short code /long name format (and do not employ Mike Stone's traditional formats).

Output style?
Name only (no country) "Chris Holdsworth" or "Paddy Holohan"
Name of country "Paddy Holohan of Ireland" or "Chris Holdsworth of the United States"
Name of country (except for USA) "Paddy Holohan of Ireland" or "Chris Holdsworth"
Name, of country, "Paddy Holohan, of Ireland," or "Chris Holdsworth, of the United States,"

Upper or lower case codes? UPPER lower
Selecting UPPER for this option will result in the fighter initial codes being entirely upper case, i.e. "AJ" for Anthony Johnson. Selecting lower for this option will set the codes to be lower case, i.e. "aj" for Anthony Johnson.

Include bracketed keywords? No Yes [last, first], Yes [first last]
Selecting this option will include codes for bracketed keywords for the various fighters. For example, if the [last, first], option is selected, in addition to the normal code for a fighter, a keyword code (i.e. dk1 for [Vettel, Sebastian],) will also be created. Note: there is a comma appeneded to the "[last, first]," option

Review/Edit Before Creating File? Yes No
Selecting this option will provide a page where you review and edit the roster for accuracy.